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Jerash Rocks – Jordan with Kids

Jerash, a historical site of a Roman empire trade center, is a fantastic experience for families visiting Jordan.  There is something for everybody here, with plenty of room to run and ramble, plenty of history to learn, and easy to access.

In short – Jerash rocks!

Jerash Rocks! Jordan with Kids


Our Visit

We did not hire a guide for this site, as we wanted to take our time and allow our kids to dictate some of the experience.  But there are plenty of guides for hire that speak many languages that you can hire next to Hadrian’s Arch. My husband and I are Roman Empire history buffs.  We had just finished the podcast series History of Rome (all 179 episodes) and we were dying to see Rome.  So until our Rome trip, Jerash would have to substitute.  And what a substitute it was!
Jerash Roman Ruins - Jordan with kids

Forum with Oval Colonnade


The Amphitheater.

Jerash Rocks - Jordan with Kids    DSC02084

This was cool but a bit strange too.  On the stage area was a group dressed in Bedouin/Arab costumes,  playing the drums and bagpipes.  Hmmmm… well anyways, the kids loved climbing up the steep stones steps and seats while I watched on terrified.

The forumJerash Rocks! Jordan with Kids

Jerash Rocks! Literally, there are lots of rocks.

Jersah Rocks! Jordan with Kids

Do your kids love climbing over rocks?

IMG_4303 IMG_4313

Easy Visit.

Jerash is very easy to visit.  One nice surprise was that it was not crowded – Hurray!  For families I recommend going early to be there as soon as gates open (9 am for us).  There is parking right outside Hadrian’s Gate.
Jerash Rocks! Jordan with Kids

Hadrian’s Gate – Guides for hire found here

Jerash Rocks! Jordan with Kids

A big site – be ready to walk

This is a very big site and you could spend all day here if you wanted to. Prepare for some walking.  We brought a jogging stroller with us plus a baby carrier.  The stroller did
well on the main paths, but had to be left behind when we wanted to climb up into places.   There were bathrooms and a place to buy drinks and souvenirs by the entrance gate.
Jerash Rocks! Jordan with Kids

Jogging stroller in Jerash


Did you visit Jerash?  What advice would you give to families traveling there? Don’t be shy –
let me know in the comments.




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