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Mama Lingua App Review – Learn Spanish Together

Hola! We recently returned from a family vacation to Spain, and I am happy to report that my children learned to speak some Spanish. It was easy to do this when immersed in a Spanish speaking country. I would love for them to grow up and know how to speak more than just one language. I want to encourage them to travel or become a Cultural Care Au Pair to help their language skills when they’re older too. But how do I keep up this effort after the vacation? I have turned to the simple and effective iPhone/iPad Mama Lingua app.

What do I love about the Mama Lingua app?

Perfect for Babies-Preschool age children.mama lingua app

There are so many apps out there for teaching children in school grades Kindergarten to High-School, and beyond. But there are not as many that focus on the age group that absorbs new language and vocabulary the fastest: the babies and toddlers! As a mother of a 2 year old and 3 year old, I found the Mama Lingua app perfect.

Practical Phrases and Vocabulary.

Mama Lingua app

Phrases I actually use!

I love that the phrases are ones that I actually use all the time with my children. Like…Do you need to go pee-pee? Are you hungry? Time for bed! And the vocabulary words too – like “dinosaur” “truck” and “diaper.” They are well-curated to fit this age group and your everyday life perfectly.

Mama Lingua app

Categories available via Premium edition – matches toddler life.

Perfect for Mothers who don’t speak (much) Spanish

There are many other parents out there like me, who are not native Spanish speakers, but have studied Spanish in school and speak it marginally. I would like my children to be bilingual if possible, but I do not feel comfortable in my own abilities to teach them.

Well, this app is perfect then because it teaches the parents too. For every phrase or vocabulary word, there is a sound/audio button to listen to a native Spanish speaker do the pronunciation. While the app’s primary purpose is to help parents speak Spanish with their children, it has helped me as an adult regain and relearn vocabulary and speaking skills.

However, if I wanted to make my Spanish speaking slightly more mature instead of just learning the odd phrase, I’d have to expand my learning from this app. Perhaps receiving Spanish Lessons from a qualified private tutor would be more beneficial for the adults wanting to learn. Being able to communicate face-to-face with someone also makes it easier to ask questions and raise your confusion if you don’t understand something or struggle with the pronunciation of a certain word.

mama lingua app

I use the audio button to hear correct pronunciation – Helps me as a weak Spanish speaker.

Easy to Use

This app keeps it simple with a very easy to use interface. It has two sections – Phrases and Vocabulary. There are the sound buttons as well as written pronunciation guides. I have the premium addition (which is awesome), so I can access many additional phrases and vocabulary. I also like the Favorites section, which I use to list the words and phrases I have mastered and use frequently, or to highlight one I want to focus on for the week.

Mama Lingua app

Vocabulary listed alphabetically

mama lingua app

Phrases listed alphabetically

mama lingua app

Phrases listed by category (playing)


Finally another great feature of this app is that it has a strongly engaged and incredibly kind and supportive community of users and developers. The website and blog and facebook page are full of interesting advice and conversations for parents speaking Spanish and English with their children. The creators of Mama Lingua are real people: parents with a real passion for bilingual education. They love feedback and interaction with users.

Overall I have enjoyed using the Mama Lingua app and strongly recommend it to other mothers trying to raise bilingual children or just getting ready for a family trip to Spain!

  • Find It: Mama Lingua Website and Blog or in the iTunes app store
  • Cost: Lite Version = Free. Premium Version = $7.99
  • Disclosure: I was provided an upgrade to the premium edition for free. All opinions are, as always, my own.

mama lingua app review